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123 Sync Video Tutorials

All our tutorials are YouTube hosted video tutorials so you need to allow your system to display YouTube videos. Also, some tutorials may not exactly correspond to the latest version of 123 Sync but they cover what we believe is 99% of the information necessary for you to understand the functionality and concept. Enjoy!

For server configuration Overview, click here!

Mapi/CDO Download Location:


Video Tutorials

Quick Start. Quick overview of 123 Sync   Server Topics

Disabling Act!'s Built-in Sync


123 Sync in Multi-User Mode

General Settings  

Matching Users to Folders


Windows Services Setup

Fields Mapping


Removing ACT.Outlook *.addins

Conversion Options


Removing Act! Services

Contacts Tab


Calendar Tab

  Connecting to Exchange/Office 365

Tasks Tab


Connecting To Hosted Exchange or Office 365 New!

Body Text Headers


Exchange Permissions. How to setup a 123 Sync Gateway account to access all users and Sync.

Calendar/Tasks Reverse Sync


History Type Filter


Running 123 Sync in the Background


General Overview (2013 Only)

User Settings

Setting up as Windows Service (2013 Only)



Setting up as Windows System Tray  (2013 Only)

Single/Multi-User Configurations


Running 123 Sync as a shortcut/batch/windows scheduler

Password and Folders


New! V2014 Background Processing Explained!!!

Contact Filters


Contact Body Text


File As


Folder Clean




Activities Body Text


The Processing Log



Copy Outlook/Exchange Folders

Synchronization Settings

    Tips and Tricks

Playing with Act! Groups

International Phone Numbers


Starting with a fresh folder


Using Force Overwrite

Using 123 Sync  

1-Way from Act! to Outlook/Exchange



Custom Fields to Phones

Processing Users and Data


Speeding Up the Sync

Processing One User


Nullyfing Duplicates

Processing Multiple Users


Sync Multiple Act! Databases

Processing the Selected User


Synchronizing Multiple Databases (new)

Interactive Processing


Quick Setup Tips (new)

Background Processing


Your First Sync

Make a backup


Act! is your Dominant Data


Outlook/Exchange is your Dominant Data

  Email Integration



Using Universal Login to Integrate Email to Act!

Adding Act! Contact Notes from Outlook/Exchange


Different Email Integration Designs

Adding from Contacts and Calendar items

Integrate by Subject Line Field


Enterprise Act! Email Integration


Web Form Parsing


Form Integration and Scheduling

Synchronizing Calendar Items  

Quickly Setup Parsing Fields

NEW! Awesome Calendar Sync!!!


 New! Using Categories for Email Integration

1-User Calendar Sync


Multi-User Calendar Sync


Adding Act! Activity Details from Outlook/Exchange


Clearing Act! Activities from Outlook/Exchange


Splitting Public and Private Calendars


Auto-Linking Calendar Items to Contacts


Clear and Delete with 123 Sync using Tags


Synchronizing Non-Act! User's Calendar