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123 Sync for Act! and Exchange/Outlook

123 Sync for ACT! and Outlook/Exchange

123 Sync is the only server-based product to integrate contact, calendar, tasks, and emails into Act!.

If it resides on Exchange or Outlook, it can be integrated!

123 Sync- Main Features

  • Direct connectivity to Office 365, hosted Exchange and Exchange.
  •  Easy setup. You can be up and running in less than 60 seconds
  • Duplicate prevention and Elimination features. Prevent duplicates from entering your database!!!
    • Email Integration. When the same email comes in from different sources, only one is attached to the contact.
    • Contacts. Reverse sync from Smartphones creates duplicates contacts in Exchange/Outlook. 123 Sync identifies these rogue contacts and eliminates them
    • Calendar. Multi-User scheduling creates hundreds of duplicate calendar items on smartphones and on Exchange. 123 Sync eliminates rogue calendar items.
  • Email Integration Enhancements..
  • Calendar Mashup!
  • Bounced Emails Detective. Integrate emails and identify which contact generated a bounced email.
  • User Specific Email Privacy Screening. Handle each user's email integration specific to the privacy requirements for the user. You would not want the President's emails to be public, would you?
  • Email Integration!!!. Integrate all sent and received emails from Outlook/Exchange into Act!, whether you are sending it from Act! or from Outlook or from your smartphone!
  • Calendar Matching. Automatically match calendar items from Exchange to the corresponding Act! Contact.
  • Smartphone Reset Detection. 123 Sync prevents full-scale deletions of Contacts and Activities resulting from reset operations on Exchange/Outlook or Smartphones. Keep your data safe!
  • Synchronize Act! with Outlook and/or Exchange. You can either synchronize manually or in the background, 123 Sync  will keep both your Act! and Outlook/Exchange contacts, calendar, tasks, emails (in Exchange), notes, and history in Sync.
  • Unparalleled Speed. So you used to wait 15 minutes to sync your data with Outlook/Exchange. No more! Our expert synchronizer will reduce those long wait times to a matter of seconds!
  • Full Support of Recurring Activities Sync. Recurring activities, including cleared, erased and modified are fully supported for sync both from and to Outlook/Exchange
  • Multi-User Sync. Whether you sync an activity from 1 user or multiple users, 123 Sync keeps track of where the activity goes.
  • Emails in Exchange. Emails (Inbox and Sent Items) in Exchange are synched back into Act! as history items and their contents are the history details. The email is attached to the history item.
  • Enhanced Exchange Server Capabilities:
    • Run as an Outlook Client to Exchange
      • Run as a client using Outlook to access multiple Exchange mailboxes through the same interface.
      • Match Act! users to Outlook/Exchange mailboxes on the client or server configurations.
      • Create Custom Users that access independent databases and Outlook/Exchange folders.
    • Run on Exchange as a Windows Service: No Outlook Needed
      • Install on the Exchange server and access the user's contact/tasks/calendar folders without Outlook being installed.
      • Connect directly with Exchange via the server name and the mailbox. No Outlook Needed!
  • Awesome Outlook Client Capabilities. Don't want (or can't) access Exchange directly, just use Outlook as your gateway. No problem!
  • Multi-Exchange Configuration Support. Whether you are running Exchange in your own network or remotely, 123 Sync works with Microsoft's Mapi interface to establish a reliable and secure connection.
  • Support of one-way updating or two-way full synchronization between Act! and Outlook/Exchange. Update, merge, or transfer contacts and their respective histories (and their owners), attachments, todo's, calls, meetings, etc..
  • Unmatched Outlook and Exchange Folder Management:
    • Map sets of Outlook/Exchange folders to individual users
    • Share Contact folders amongst multiple users
  • Exchange Compatible. We have tested the software in the following Exchange configurations:
    • On a desktop with Outlook and the Exchange mailbox accessible via the Outlook interface
    • On a desktop with the folders on a Public Exchange folder
    • On a server with exchange mailboxes accessible via the exchange profile
    • On a server with exchange public folders
    • On a hosted Exchange environment where you login via the Internet with Outlook to access the Exchange folder.
    • On an Exchange server with Mapi/CDO installed (no Outlook).
  • Single/Multiple Client-Side configuration. Run the software on your PC/Laptop through Outlook.
  • Server-Multi-User Configuration. Run the software as the centerpiece of synchronization between Act! and Outlook or Exchange.
  • Reverse Sync Commands. Send commands via the Calendar/Tasks body text and instruct Act! to clear the calendar item and create a history entry for the calendar.

  • History Filtering. Filter out which history items are brought over.

  • Background and Foreground Processing. Setup the software to run in the background without any user intervention or without being logged in to the server (great for Exchange).
  • Run 123 Sync as a Windows Service. You can setup 123 Sync Configuration to run as a Windows Service in the Background.
  • Map User defined Act! fields into Contact Fields and vice versa. Unlimited user fields mapping capabilities from Act! to Contacts and back. Remember, read-only user defined fields cannot be mapped to be updated.
  • Unparalleled duplicate prevention mechanism! Sync with an existing Act! database with an existing Outlook/Exchange Contacts, Calendar and Tasks folder and have no duplicates!

  • Customizable FileAs field in Outlook/Exchange so that you can create contacts with any FileAs field as you see fit.

  • Synchronization of Notes/History to the Contact's Body Text

  • Secondary Contacts. Add all the secondary contacts to the Contact's Body Text for easy access and retrieval.

What Data Can you bring over to and from Outlook/Exchange?

  • All your Standard and Custom Act! Fields.
  • All Secondary Contact Data
  • All Notes and History into the Contact's Body Text of the contacts.
  • All Group Membership into Contact Categories
  • Act! Activities Colors/Types to Outlook Calendar/Tasks Categories
  • All Activity Ownership into the Contact Body Text.
  • Contact details, specific fields, history, notes and much more into the Calendar Body Text for easy retrieval and reference.
  • Exchange Emails are synched back into Act! as history items.
  • Act! as well as Exchange users can be setup to sync.
  • and much, much more...

Compatibility Are Requirements

  • Compatible with Act! 2007 and above
  • Compatible with Act! for Financial Professionals and Act! for Real Estate
  • Compatible with Act! for WEB (installed on the Act! server)
  • Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010-32 Bit, 2013 32-bit, 2016
  • Compatible with ALL Windows releases including WIndows 10
  • Compatible with Exchange 2003 and above
  • Requires .Net 4.0 to be installed on the machine. This can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.com
  • Requires a working installation of Act!. You must be able to open the Act! database from where 123 Sync is installed.
  • Requires a working copy of one of the following:

Synchronization Features

We are very proud of the sync features we have managed to incorporate into this version. Not only are they extensive, they are fast and complete. You can enable and disable individual sync features according to your own requirements.

Contacts Sync Features

  • Additions, modifications, and deletions supported from Act! to Outlook/Exchange and from Outlook/Exchange to Act!
  • New text incorporated into the body text of the Contacts is converted into a Note in Act! that is related to the contact.
  • PDA Synchronization Features. Full Contact and Notes PDA sync is supported.
  • Special Contact Sync Features
    • Secondary Contacts may be listed on Outlook's contact body text. Take everything with you.
    • Opportunities may be listed on the contact body text.

Calendar Sync Features

  • Meetings and Calls can be synchronized to the Calendar in Outlook/Exchange.
  • Additions, modifications, and deletions are supported from Act! to Outlook/Exchange and from Outlook/Exchange to Act!
  • Calls and Appointments can be synched to the calendar.
  • PDA Synchronization Features. Each calendar item's subject line can be customized to include the contact's name, phone number and company.
  • Calendar Categories Support. Activities types in Act! may be transferred to the Calendar Categories and vice-versa. In addition, Act! Activities colors may be transferred as well.
  • Special Calendar Sync Features
    • Contact information may be added to the Calendar Details box.
    • Calendar subject line may be modified to include the contact's name, company, phone, email address and date.

Tasks Sync Features

  • Todo's are synchronized with Outlook/Exchange Tasks.
  • Additions, modifications, and deletions are supported from Act! to Outlook/Exchange and from Outlook/Exchange to Act!
  • PDA Synchronization Features. Each tasks item's subject line can be customized to include the contact's name, phone number and company.
  • Special Task Sync Features
    • Contact information may be added to the Task Details box.
    • Task subject line may be modified to include the contact's name, company, phone, email address and date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need Exchange in order to sync? (Will Outlook only suffice?). 123 Sync will sync with stand-alone Outlook. Outlook does not need to be connected to Exchange.

Does Outlook Sync with Smartphones? As far as we know, every smartphone known to us (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone) syncs with Outlook.

What are the limitations of 123 Sync? 123 Sync has no limitations on the number of contacts, calendar, tasks, or emails. In fact, the average number of contacts our users sync is about 6,000.

How slow is 123 Sync when synchronizing? The first 3 syncs ARE slow because 123 sync is creating all the indexing required for speed. Consequent syncs are very fast. Last week, we clocked a customer's 11K contact sync to a hosted exchange at 47 seconds/user. They were synchronizing 14 users so it took about 12 minutes to sync everyone.

What version of Exchange (and Outlook) does 123 Sync support? 123 Sync supports ALL versions of Exchange and ALL version of Outlook 32-bit implementations. Outlook 64-bit is not supported and we recommend that our users switch to the 32-bit release for increased reliability.

Does 123 Sync work with Hosted Exchange (or iCloud, Office 365)? Yes on all counts. Just connect Outlook to the cloud services and use 123 Sync to sync the data to these services.

What versions of Act! do you support? 123 Sync supports Act! 2007 through the latest release.

How many users does 123 Sync support?. Unlimited. We have sites ranging from 5 to 65 users.

123 Sync is expensive, how can I justify the cost? Actually, 123 Sync is the cheapest solution available to sync Act! with the mobile world. Over a 2 year period, the cost is about $10/month per user. Due to the highly reduced costs of client support, the savings (and reliability) are even larger.

If I switch phones, do I need to purchase another copy of 123 Sync? No. Since all smartphones sync with Outlook/Exchange, your solution does not have to change. Just connect your phone to Exchange/Outlook. We have customers that switch phone every 9 months and all they have to do is setup the phone to connect to Exchange. And these customers switch from iPhone to Android to Windows 7.

Do you support deletes from Outlook/Exchange. 123 Sync support single and multi-user deletions, additions, and modifications of contacts and calendar items between Act! and Outlook/Exchange.

Can I sync custom fields? Yes, we sync to User1 through User4 custom fields in Outlook. On top of that, you can push an unlimited number of custom fields to the phone using the Custom Fields Text creator in 123 Sync.

Other than documentation, what do you have? We have a series of video tutorials that explain how 123 Sync works and how to configure it.

Can I evaluate 123 Sync? Absolutely! We provide a 15-day, unlimited, free trial.

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